Who We Work With


Media, communications and entertainment are central to our practice and cover a broad spectrum of business activities including:

  • Digital communications and social media
  • Print media
  • Broadcast
  • Film and television
  • Design, creative and corporate banding
  • Advertising
  • Commercial 
  • Corporate barter
The media industry is diverse and ever changing. The links with technology and advertising are manifest and the need for dynamic business decision-makers is paramount.  We support and collaborate with these decision-makers to promote growth and help our clients to achieve business success.
The media industry is a ‘people industry’ in that it relies to a very large extent on the talent it can attract, foster, nurture and develop – Spencer Wyatt LLP understands this imperative and works with its media clients accordingly. Good practices and rigorous legal compliance in the spirit of pragmatism and fostering excellent industrial relations in the workplace are at the centre of the Spencer Wyatt approach to media clients. We hope that all media sector businesses will see how well this approach suits the industry.
Wherever our media clients have employment issues and no matter what those issues are, we have the talent, experience and approach to give the answers and will progress the issues towards the right resolution for the client.
Our projects for media clients have ranged from drafting employment contracts at all levels of executive to office junior through setting up information and consultation structures through to large scale restructuring g across multiple jurisdictions.
After working on a difficult project with one of our client’s the head of HR offered:  “After using Spencer Wyatt for a potentially challenging and contentious employment issue I found their advice to be extremely pragmatic and commercial. The service provided was second to none and the team were always available when needed.”
For further information on our services to the Media industry, please contact Simeon Spencer.

+44 (0)20 7925 8080 info@spencer-wyatt.com