Who We Work With

EB&T and SMEs

Our clients range from individuals to multi-national public companies. Our expertise means we can service clients of any size.

But we are particularly attuned to emerging businesses and technologies and to small and medium sized enterprises.  Why?  Because we are small and emerging and therefore we identify most strongly with clients who are facing the same kinds of challenges that we are.

We also believe that as law firms go, we are the most approachable, co-operative and down to earth firm you are likely to find.  We want to partner with our clients, to understand our client's business and to be available whenever we are needed, as if we were an in-house function.  In our view, the clients that are most likely to need a relationship like this with their professional advisors are EB&T businesses and SMEs.
We also know that developing businesses need to keep control of their costs.  Very basic compliance with prevailing employment law need not be expensive.  There are only a few absolutely fundamental rules, which include the following:
  • All employees (with limited exceptions) must be provided with a statement of main particulars of employment which complies with section 1 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 within 2 months of commencing employment.  The government provides precedent for such a statement here
  • When intending to dismiss an employee other than on expiration of a fixed term contract or by reason of redundancy, an employer should comply with the Acas Code on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures which can be found on the Acas website Employers should have their own internal disciplinary and dismissal procedure which should be consistent with the Code as a minimum.  An example is attached to the Acas Guide which accompanies the Code and can be found here
  • It is a legal requirement that all employers with 5 or more employees must have a written health and safety policy statement in place.  The Health and Safety Executive provides a precedent for a health and safety policy statement here
This is the very minimum employment law that a new business needs to know. When your personnel management needs to become more disciplined and tailored, or if you want to bind your employees to more sophisticated contract terms (such as bespoke confidentiality provisions or post-termination restrictions prohibiting competition or solicitation of clients after an employee leaves) or if you encounter employee issues which are outside of the day to day norm, we are ready to help you.  For further information on employment related documentation that may be appropriate for a start-up business and details of the costs of such documents, please refer to our Start-Up Toolkit or contact Simeon Spencer

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