What We Do

For Businesses

Our work encompasses any matter that is directly or obliquely related to employment law.

This means that we provide pure employment law related advice to businesses in their capacity as employers, as detailed in here.  But it also means that we go beyond pure employment matters and can support our clients in corporate and commercial matters that relate indirectly to employment.  By way of example, we can deal with the following: 

Corporate matters:

  • Shareholder agreements
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Directorships and board structuring, including structuring committees of the Board
  • Non-executive director engagement
  • Board and shareholder resolutions and related Board minutes
  • Partnership structuring and agreements
  • Partnership disputes

Commercial matters:

  • BPO, LPO and technology outsourcing
  • Supplier agreements
  • Commercial services agreements, commercial agency arrangements and general commercial contracting
  • Licencing agreements
  • Online terms and conditions and privacy statements

We have the ability to support our clients in the types of matter listed above, including strategy discussions and tactical decision making at every stage and level.  Our experience in dealing with these broader areas of practice enhances our ability to support businesses with their employment matters, particularly where a commercial or corporate perspective is essential to achieving the right result.

For further information on our services for businesses, please contact Simeon Spencer.

Our firm is a full service resource for all legal issues directly or obliquely related to employment.

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