What We Do

For Employers

In a nutshell, Spencer Wyatt LLP provides advice and support for employers in respect of all possible issues that may arise as a result of having a workforce. Key issues include:

Compensation and benefits

An employer needs to attract high quality candidates and motivate its workforce in order to reach its business objectives. It also needs to do so in a cost effective way and in exchange for full productivity and contractual employer protections.  We can assist in making compensation and benefits into tools rather than a burden for employers.  We provide customised strategies and counsel on matters such as sales commission plans, bonus arrangements and phantom share schemes, share options and equity incentive schemes, enterprise management incentive (EMI) schemes, deferred compensation schemes and Equal pay and other Equality Act compliance.

Contracts and policies

In our experience, employers can underestimate the value of contracts of employment and of workplace rules and policies.  Only a statement of main particulars of employment is a legal requirement.  New employers often go no further than that.  But the right contract can provide employers with protection for their business in respect of confidential information and against employee competition.  We provide contracts for all types of employee, worker or independent contractor as well as standalone non-compete, non-solicitation or non-disclosure agreements. Workplace rules and policies are also an essential tool in achieving a disciplined workforce who are fully aware of the expectations of the employer.  We can advise on and provide bespoke and appropriate workplace policies.

HR support and training

We have vast experience in providing HR support to in-house HR professionals or to businesses who do not yet have such in-house capability, on the full range of issues involved in employee management.  We can provide as much or as little assistance as is needed in any particular situation from an ad hoc telephone call to on site help researching, developing and drafting new strategies, such as remuneration structure or a corporate social responsibility strategy and policy.  We can also provide in-house training to your employees to help them understand prevailing employment law and to avoid disputes arising.  Key training issues would be discrimination and unfair dismissal, but we can provide training on any employment law issues that are required.

International projects and restructuring

At Spencer Wyatt LLP, we provide advice and support for all outsourcing, secondment and assignment, collective redundancy and business relocation projects.  We can also provide employee due diligence reports in respect of the purchase of a business.  It may be a global economy but international commerce is still subject to the different laws of each nation. Expanding into foreign markets or outsourcing to another country invokes a multitude of legal issues, starting with employment and labour law.  We assist businesses in the UK, the US and in Europe with all employment law aspects of planning and executing international and domestic expansion, acquisition, reorganisation and contraction.  

Employment related litigation

We are experienced problem solvers and litigators when disputes arise over any employment related issues.  We believe prevention and resolution of employment claims is preferable to litigation, but if it becomes necessary, we have conducted all types of domestic employment litigation and complex litigation including international, multi-jurisdictional and collective rights disputes.  We have intervened at all stages of conflicts between employers and employees and work in all venues and forums including round table negotiation, mediation, arbitration, Employment Tribunal hearings and trials or appeals before the Courts of England and Wales. We are mindful at all times of our client's individual requirements as to cost and strategy.

For further information on our services for employers, please contact Simeon Spencer.

Our firm is a full service resource for all legal issues directly or obliquely related to employment.

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